Business Word Alicante signed an collaboration agreement with APSA nonprofit association

Business world Alicante in strategy of corporate social responsibility has been developing signed an agreement with APSA nonprofit association, his mission is improve quality of life with intellectual disability or risk of presenting it, his families and surrenders.

The agreement with APSA are to manage all services of reprography, copy, binding and selling office materials for companies and particular for BWA costumers to develop activities in the building. The APSA worker has been located in the meeting point actiu, close to the reception.

Since 1962, was the APSA objective. The association has been growing constant and with innovative spirit from partners and professional with the help of associates looking for the quality in the services.

The philosophy of Business World Alicante is to Position themselves as promoters of the activity of professionals and companies in one of its added values. Other agreements are with the Cuban photographer Reinaldo Ortega that he presents in the Meeting Point the photographer gallery called “Entitled to heaven”. The 10% of the benefits from the sales of the pictures will go to the APSA Association.