presentación busineess world alicante

Business World Alicante: A new Concept to do business

Today was the presentation to the media in the province of Alicante of the new concept and business in Business World Alicante are located in the old building called “Antigua casa del Mar” “Old house of the sea” address Muelle de Poniente s/n de Alicante.

This event was attended by Mr. Carlos Castillo, vice-president of economy, the president of the government of Alicante and Communication director of the company Actiu Ms. Soledad Berbegal one of the first companies to support the new model and direction that offer Business World Alicante and the CEO of Business World Alicante Javier Reina Segura.

The CEO of Business World Alicante Javier Reina presented the new strategy of the building that is defined as an optimal space to generate business boost the trajectory of companies and bring on their positioning and internationalization.

Javier Reina said: “A challenge that has motivated to my team and myself and started more than a year ago. This building has been available to businessmen since 2008 … as users and now as managers we have always sought to give it the added value we understood was needed for a Province with the potential of Alicante. We do not settle for good facilities, or an emblematic location, or the situation in what we predict will be the financial core of the city in the future. Our philosophy is: we are not only a business center, we are generators of business.

Soledad Berbegal explained . Actiu established that the working space will be places that the people want to work, through the tangible as is the furniture, can do better communication between people. Business World Alicante is an exemplary case, because it has many values alienated with the philosophy of Actiu Regeneration, sustainability, new solutions for trends and new paradigms, that is what this building implies. In addition we have always bet on our land and will continue to be.

Business World Alicante is a project that included in the main objectives, work for the port and in general to catch foreign invest, potential the port activities and positioning the city of Alicante a gateway for international trade for Europe.

Javier Reina explained the philosophy of the center: are represented by floors – colors – meanings. When you go into the building you watch the white zone, the Meeting Point Actiu zone , like a blank canvas and the beginnings of the professional careers. Everything stars writing.

The First floor are represented by the green color, color of hope and for our way seeing the creativity. This floor want to gather the innovative companies called Start Ups.

In the ascent we arriving to the second floor, the energy floor by orange color is the zone where the companies consolidate with effort and witness, our small and medium companies are the segment of this floor for the Alicante Area.

In the third floor are the 360º Terrace of the sea, with the blue color, awesome place to do events, working outdoors with wonderful views from the city, port and sunset.

The fourth floor is the hearts of the building. Is the place where the businessmen connect each others to do synergy with our values from Business World Alicante through the MICE tourist reception are located like the headquarters associations Terciario Avanzado y the delegation of Alicante AEDAF (Spanish Association of tax consulting).

And finally we arrived at the FIFTH floor, The Sky Floor. The summit of Everest … Noble floor of the building, where are the reference companies, multinationals like BNP Paribas, Zurich, Auxideico , UASAC Iberia and we hope in the future to host many more. To reach the 5th floor is the challenge of all, our entrepreneurs, SMEs … BWA will provide all the tools at your disposal to ensure success.

Carlos Castillo, closed the event with his statement stating that: “Alicante is in luck, because an asset like the one that is incorporated today: Business World Alicante, will generate economy and employment to the city. Alicante is an optimal city for the internationalization of business “.

Business World Alicante, will celebrate its official opening on October 5, from that date will be made available to anyone interested in the reservation of guided tours to know the building in depth. Contact us now for more information.