Business World Alicante launches “I-Workc@l”

Isra García Start this project with the workshop Ultra productivities for entrepreneurs and SME, called: work less and live the life better.

“I-Workc@l” Whose acronym stands for “Inspirational Work Calendar” is a calendar or agenda of events that Business World Alicante develops with the aim of serving the entrepreneur and / or entrepreneur as a training tool.

This training project is focused on three well differentiated areas, one is #Experiencies, #World, and #Know How, knowledge. Within these areas, topics of current economic, motivation, personal development and innovation, both nationally and internationally, where associations, institutions, banks and renowned entrepreneurs, will translate their experience and know-how into CoffeeWorks and personal interviews.

This first workshop was held exclusively for Business World Alicante, given by the consultant and speaker Isra García, aimed at a limited capacity of people, due to the high percentage of practical hours that constitute a very personalized dynamic. This first workshop has been a success, according to those who attended to meet, understand and apply the method of “Ultraproductivity”. This agreement is part of more workshops to be held throughout the year.

Among I-Workc @ l will also participate, among others, Josef Ajram, who together with Isra García presents their book, whose official place of sale and presentation will be Business World Alicante. The book is called “Nonconformists”, and its authors describe it as an unconventional MBA to achieve all the purposes that you propose both in life and at work. Both inaugurate the section #Experiences of the project I-Workc@l

Within WorldWorld, Business World Alicante includes a series of conferences on real business opportunities in various countries such as China, Russia, Mexico, USA. Europe and United Arab Emirates, offered by country Managers specialists in each destination.
Finally, the #Know How line translates the knowledge and experiences of successful entrepreneurs who will answer both questions asked by a presenter and the questions themselves that the public can ask.

This project is part of the strategy of Business World Alicante, where it is positioned beyond an office building and rather as a useful tool that serves both entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and business growth.